Everyone deserves a dignified life. With our project, we aim for integration through vocational training. We provide possibilities for learning and practicing skills and techniques in screen printing, tailoring, or carpentry. We provide facilities which include work spaces and equipment to create your individual inventions and handiworks. We also support the marketing of your creations.


For those who are already skilled and trained we provide: 


- Equipment and work stations for tailoring 


- Equipment and work stations for textile and paper printing (screen printing) 


- Equipment and work stations for woodwork and minor repairs 


- Teaching/ Learning Space, to provide the opportunity to communicate one’s own knowledge and experience to others 




For those who wish to improve their skills, we provide: 


- Workshop: 'Screen Printing', including design and development of themes, production of screens and printing techniques. For printing, examples are meshing and 'exposure unit', two-tone printing with screens


-  Workshop: 'How to Build a Screen Printing Machine‘ 


- Workshop: 'Tailoring‘ 




For those who wish to be involved, we provide: 


- Participation in our printing requests and demands 


- Participation in our regular Open House-Workshop 


- Participation in various workshops at public institutions